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Could 3 kids

in a dorm room start a car company?

We think so. We’re launching a research project to prove it.

We stand at the brink of a new industrial revolution which is set to put unprecedented creative power in the hands of the every man.

We are designing and testing the first car in history engineered with artificial intelligence.


Hack Rod will serve to outline a future state of cloud based software solutions for designers, distributed additive manufacturing, and localized assembly.

Ripping Reality

01 Ripping

The Napster of things: No need to reinvent the wheel, starting with a proven geometry and 50 years of performance engineering, we scanned a chassis we had already built with the wizard of chromoly and uploaded it to the cloud.

Chapter 1 CTA

Watch how we did it

Generative Design

02 Dreamcatcher and Generative Design

Generative design engines are set to put unprecedented engineering power in the hands of the designers. At Autodesk, the Autodesk Dreamcatcher team is changing the way structures are realized. Hack Rod will have first vehicle chassis engineered by artificial intelligence.

Chapter 2 CTA

Watch how Dreamcatcher works

Digital Simulation

03 Digital

Autodesk Flow Analysis allows the designer to optimize the form at his work station in real time

We imagine a future where a designer or engineer can take a vehicle from pencil sketch to fully resolved aerodynamic solutions with one suite of software. With the body designed in Autodesk Fusion 360, we import our car into Autodesk Flow Analysis, where we will begin aerodynamic testing.

Bits Atoms

04 From Bits
to Atoms

This is an unprecedented period in industrial history. We find ourselves at the apex of generative design solutions creating never before achievable structures and additive manufacturing making productions of these structures possible for the first time.

Icon Adv Mfg

Pressing the MFG button
Imagine a world where you can design what you like and at the push of a button have your creation manufactured and delivered to your door, on price and on time.


05 The Distributed
Manufacturing Model

The new world of industrial addivitive manufacturing does not care about quantity. Whether it is one part or a thousand pieces, specialist vendors throughout the nation will be able to print exactly what you want and deliver it to your door.

Icon Ti

Additive printing
Hack Rod is at the bleeding edge of structural 3D printing. Using complex optimized engineering solutions, we are pushing the limits of material and scale in this space.

Hackrod 06 Localassembly Photo

06 The World of Local Assembly

Maker Spaces like Techshop mean that those three kids don't even need to own tools to build their car. We see a future where distributed manufacturing brings the expertise of a nation to the door of community maker spaces. Imagine your neighborhood artisans with the might of American manufacturing at their fingertips.

Hackrod 07 Supplychain Photo

07 Supply Chain of the Future

We are excited to develop the pipeline that makes all of the above possible.

Hack Rod aims to bring together the best and brightest minds in industry to define the future of manufacturing in America.


The Tools are Here. Builders Wanted.

Our Partners

We’ve formed partnerships with leaders in software, advanced manufacturing, and distribution to bring our vision to life and pave the pipeline for other innovators. With Autodesk, America Makes, Alcoa, Lockheed Martin, and UPS on the team, great things are possible.

The Hack Rod Team


Hack Rod

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